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Learning for Students with Disabilities

Download this information as a PDF: Instructional Continuity for Students with Disabilities

Bajar esta información en formato PDF: Continuidad de la Enseñanza para Estudiantes con Discapacidades

For more information, visit LAUSD Special Education Division.

Support for Students on Alternate Curriculum
Students on an alternate curriculum are provided specific curriculum designed to meet their particular instructional need. In an effort to provide our students an individualized set of materials and resources, teachers will plan and develop materials and resources in support of students on an alternate curriculum.

Unique Learning System (Student Accounts)
• How to access ULS Student View Account from home.
• 10 days of Instructional Materials
Grades K-2
Grades 3-5/6

Support for Students on Core Curriculum
Edgenuity is available for student use K-12. Each student has an individual code that will allow them to access lessons in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Science and History/Social Science lessons are available for middle and high school students.
• Curriculum maps can be accessed at Division of Instruction.
You will see a box labeled “Curriculum Maps”: Elementary, Middle and High School. Click on the grade level span you wish to view (refer to picture). Parents, select the pd format. Curriculum maps contain guidelines for what is learned in each grade and subject matter throughout the year. The map will show what students work on in the subject at different time periods throughout the year, giving a rough guide of where students are instructionally.

Support for Children Birth to 5 (Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers with disabilities)
In order to supplement the learning and to promote student and parent engagement we are offering Creative Curriculum Learning Games in English and Spanish. The Learning games are designed to build skills that lead to successful, lifelong learning for a child.

The Learning Games support the Creative Curriculum which is the Los Angeles Unified adopted preschool curriculum. The games are easy to grasp yet rich with information. Children benefit the most when the important adults in their lives-their parents, caregivers, teachers are working together to support learning and growth. Families show an increased awareness of their child’s abilities, growth and development during the journey of the Learning Games. This is an excellent tool to promote engagement. This valuable resource will support learning and student/parent engagement.
Parents may also access this free resource online - Preschool Activities for Children.

LAUSD Family Resource Guide

Family Resource Guide                    Guia de Recursos Para Familias