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Attendance Policy

Attendance is important to student success and key to college and career readiness.  Our goal is for each child to achieve 97% or better attendance for the year.  All students are expected to maintain strong attendance all year and limit absences, late arrival, and early releases to fewer than 7 for the whole year.   We celebrate perfect attendance with incentives, certificates, and student recognitions.  

Perfect means Perfect. No Absences. No Late Arrivals. No Early Releases. Schedule vacations, medical appointments, and extra curricular activities during non-instructional time to comply with state law and school policy.  Limit late arrivals and refrain from picking children up early to avoid dismissal traffic.  Below benchmark attendance may jeopardize enrollment and permit requests.  

Absence Verification

  • When returning from absence, students must present a written note from their doctor or parents stating the cause of the absence.  Students should also have a written note each time they are tardy (i.e. arriving after 8:00 a.m.). 
  • California State Law requires every child of school age to attend school unless ill.  Absences/tardies are considered “Excused” only for specific reasons as outlined by California State Law.  Any other reason is “Unexcused” and students are considered “truant.” (Early release is counted similar to a tardy.)  
  • Children returning to school after a communicable illness, with a cast, with stitches, or after any other serious illness or accident are readmitted through the office and require a note from their doctor stating the restrictions and length of time they may be excused from P.E. and/or recess activities. 

Blackboard Connect Notification System

  • Blackboard Connect is a District-wide notification system for emergency situations, attendance, and other important information.  The school also uses the system to keep families updated on school events.  Please make sure you provide the office with current and accurate phone numbers and email addresses.
  • You will receive an automatic notification if your children are absent or tardy.
  • Park Western Place typically notifies families with current school information .

Visitor Policy

LAUSD Visitor Policy

  • No person shall visit or audit classroom or other school activity, nor shall any person remain on Los Angeles Unified School District premises, without the approval of the principal or authorized representative.
  • No children shall visit or audit classroom or other activity, nor shall any children remain on Los Angeles Unified District premises, without the approval of the principal or authorized representative.

Park Western Place Visitor Policy

  • LAUSD mandates that all campuses are closed to ensure the safety of our students.  Student gates are locked at 8:10 a.m. each day. 
  • All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the main office.
  • Present a Government issued photo identification card.
  • Request a classroom visitation date and time from the office.
  • Receive the principal/designee’s approval for the classroom visitation.
  • All visitors and volunteers must obtain a visitor pass as approved by the Principal and the main office. 
  • Classroom visits must be reasonable in both frequency and duration.
  • Visitors may not interfere with or disrupt the classroom or school activity.  
  • Any individual who fails to follow the school rules/guidelines is subject to removal from the school site and further restricted from visiting the school.

Audio and Video recording is not allowed.

Important Policies

Birthday and Other Celebrations
We care about your children but believe that school is not the setting for celebrating birthday parties. If you would like to acknowledge your children’s birthdays at school, you may bring school supplies or books to be donated or passed out to classmates at the end of the day. No food items may be distributed in class due to students with severe food allergies.

Bullying and Hazing Policy
We are committed to providing a safe and civil learning and working environment at Park Western Place. We value and promote respect and acceptance. Bullying and harassment are taken seriously and are not allowed or condoned.

Bullying is any deliberate and unwanted severe or pervasive physical, verbal, or electronic act that has the intention of, or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of, one or more of the following:

1) reasonable fear of harm to person or property,

2) substantially detrimental effect on physical or mental health,

3) substantial interference with academic performance, or

4) substantial interference with the ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privileges.  

Bullying infringes on the safety and well being of students and interferes with their learning. We can put a stop to bullying and conflicts by working together to encourage all students to follow our guiding principles. Students should always report conflicts, threats, and bullying immediately to a teacher or supervisor for assistance, investigation, and action.

Dress Code
Students should come to school dressed in appropriate attire at all times with attention to cleanliness, safety, and suitability for all activities. Clothing items may not pose a safety risk or distract from our instructional goals. Please make sure that students are groomed appropriately for the classroom (e.g. no low-rise pants, spaghetti straps, or mohawks) and recess/PE (e.g. no open-toed shoes, or hoop or spike earrings). Due to allergies of many individuals, please do not allow children to wear any perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons Policy — Prohibited Items on Campus
All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District are drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free. Guns, knives, explosives, fireworks, or other dangerous objects or replicas ARE NOT PERMITTED at school. Possession, sale, or furnishing of firearms, weapons, or explosives on LAUSD campuses shall result in immediate involvement of the Los Angeles Police Department and is grounds for suspension or expulsion. Please work with us to ensure all students are safe.

Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday in all classes. Homework is an important opportunity for students to practice the skills and strategies that they have learned. You can assist your child in acquiring good homework habits by creating a homework routine, providing a quiet place, and establishing time each day to complete homework.

Every child is also responsible for reading at home daily. We know from research that children who read daily, and young children who are read to, benefit in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, and language development, are more prepared for school, and exhibit higher levels of academic success. 

Student Discipline 
Students found to have committed any acts not permitted will be subject to a full investigation, support and guidance, and appropriate disciplinary actions, which may include suspension, expulsion, and/or referral to law enforcement.

Use of Cell Phones, Electronic Devices, Personal Property
LAUSD does not provide insurance for loss of or damage to personal property of students. Cell phone use by students is NOT allowed during school hours. They must remain off and stored where they are not visible. Cell phones seen or heard during school hours will be confiscated.

Students are urged to leave all personal items or items of value at home. Children are NOT to bring iPods/MP3 players, tablets, gaming systems, trading cards, laser pointers, toys, video games, balls, make-up, perfumes, candy, gum, or soda to school. Skateboards, scooters, roller skates, and shoes with rollers are prohibited for safety and instructional reasons. These items will be confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent or guardian.