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About the Magnet Program

Park Western Place Elementary School and Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Achieving Math & Science Magnet, formerly known as Harbor G/HG/HA Math & Science Magnet, welcomes approximately 70 new students each year from across Los Angeles and the South Bay area.

The school serves 300 students in grades 1–5. We provide an engaging, challenging curriculum that fosters a love of learning. We place a strong emphasis on developing creativity and critical thinking across all academic areas including the arts. Applicants must be verified by their sending school as either high achieving or as meeting the four criteria of a gifted learner. LAUSD provides bus transportation to any qualifying student who lives more than one mile from the school. 


LAUSD Choices information and electronic applications are available beginning in October each year with an application deadline in November. Information and online applications for magnet programs, schools, and centers can be found at eChoices. Computers with Internet access are available for parent use in our Parent Center, adjacent to the Main Office.

Read the Choices brochure and information carefully before applying. Some programs require that students meet specific criteria to be accepted. Others have transportation limits. Students are selected at random by the LAUSD Magnet Office.

Parents whose children are currently attending LAUSD schools must sign up for an online account at Parent Portal. Parents use their online access account to apply for the eChoices program. Park Western Place Magnet’s school number is 1601302.


If a student is continuing in the same Magnet Program at the same school the next year, no new application is necessary. However, if the child’s name was on a wait list last year, or wish to change from one Magnet to another, or if your child will be matriculating to the next school level, a new application must be submitted to be eligible for selection.

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Magnet Tours

Magnet tours can take place at any time. Book a tour by calling our Magnet Coordinator, Mr. Tony Corallo at (310) 833-3591.