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We strive to meet the diverse needs of our Gifted and Talented (GATE) students at Park Western Place and within the Gifted Magnet by offering education appropriate to their individual capabilities, interests, and needs. We provide high-quality differentiated educational opportunities and enrichment activities across curricular areas and areas of interest. Our GATE teachers understand the academic, and social-emotional needs of gifted learners.


For verification of eligibility, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Be identified as gifted by an LAUSD psychologist in the Intellectual, High Achievement, or Specific Academic Ability categories.

2. Demonstrated ability in all four critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in their primary language.

  • Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information, or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.
  • Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.
  • Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.
  • Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas.

3. Have national percentile scores of 85 or above in both total reading and total mathematics on District-approved standardized norm-referenced tests.

  • Most current OLSAT-8 scores in: - APR total or - APR Verbal and APR Non-Verbal OR
  • Meeting the achievement level scale score range for “Standards Exceeded” on the most current Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test in: - English Language Arts/Literacy and - Mathematics OR
  • Most current scores on a District-approved standardized achievement test in: - Total Reading or ELA and Total Math OR - Reading Composite and Math Composite OR - Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.




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